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Civil Law/ Property

If a person dies leaving debts and securities then Succession Certificate is granted by the Courts in India to the legal heirs of the person. Succession Certificate has to be drafted if the person dies without making his Legal Will.

Legal Verification of property is done by verifying the Property documents and it is a mandatory ask as many times the realtors launch big projects without having all the required licenses which cause projects to get stopped and by this investor gets affected.

When full and final agreement is being signed off between the two parties (buyer & seller). After property is registered, the Person on whose name registration happens is the sole owner of the property and fully responsible in all aspects.

Legally gifting means transfer of something valuable by one person to another voluntarily and without any money transfer or other forms of consideration in return. For gifting, we need to do Gift Deed Registration from one person (donor) to the other donee or receiver.

The word ‘Lease’ can be defined as the transfer of property for a definite time period in consideration of a price paid or promised or of money to the Lesser by the Lessee who accepts the transfer on such terms

Lease Registration is the registration of the Lease Agreement and it is required if the lease is exceeding twelve months or reserving a yearly rent required mandatory registration at the office of the Sub Registrar of Assurances having jurisdiction over the location where the property to be leased is situated.

A gift deed is made when the person wants to gift his asset i.e. property or money to someone. Majorly it is the transfer of certain existing without any consideration from one person to another person.

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